Michael Green / by Michael Falco

Who is Michael Green?

Michael Green attended Battle Creek Central High School and currently resides in Battle Creek. He has been married 49 years and has two daughters and four grandchildren. He is retired from the Canadian National Railroad and is a Vietnam War veteran. He is a Christian and considers himself a Constitutional Conservative. He attends meetings of the Calhoun County Tea Party.  He is a supporter of Second Amendment rights.  

Excerpt from interview with Michael Green by Whitney Dow, 2017

Q: No, as white Americans, what is our relationship to our history of enslaving black Americans? Do we have any obligation to them today for what happened in the past?

Green: [00:20:24:03] Today, no, I don’t feel that we do. I mean, I look at the Civil War that was fought, I believe in big part was to free slavery, free the slaves. What was it, 600-some-thousand white people died to free the slaves. I think white people paid a tremendous price to free slaves. The first slave owner in America was a black man. How many people know that? The slaves that were brought to America were sold to the white man by blacks. So, I don’t feel that we owe them any special privileges other than that anybody else has, any other race.

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