Survey Data | Visuals

On this page, you can explore visual information resulting from the Facing Whiteness online intake survey. INCITE fieldworkers distributed this survey through grassroots community organizations and social networks across our three sites (Battle Creek, MI; Cheyenne, WY; and Richmond, VA). More than 850 residents took this intake survey. From these, we selected respondents for interviews based on criteria that allowed us to more closely approximate a representative sample of each city’s residents. For these interviewees, we also collected data at three additional time points: surveying them right before and right after their interviews and three to six months after the interview, after they had had a chance to review their interview transcripts and submit photographs. We surveyed participants at multiple times to capture attitudinal changes over time. Thus, by design, survey questions were often repeated across surveys, though additional questions asking about participant social networks and about attitudes towards race and toward the interview experience, among other areas, were also added to later surveys. If you would like more information on the Facing Whiteness survey data, you may fill out the form here.