Sam Lutzker, Project Coordinator


Sam Lutzker is this person (bio here). 

He managed Facing Whiteness. He did the following things while in the field...

Excerpt from Interview with Sam Lutzker, September 30th, 2017

ANDERSON: It was really very nice, beautiful food. You could feel Bob’s love of food and you could feel his happiness all around you. Is there any better way to pass on your work habits and your love of making things than to just live in a place where somebody would?

His studio in New York was cool and he always sent me limes from Captiva. For many winters, I’ve gotten limes from him. Like I said, we weren’t friends, but I guess he sent limes to a lot of people and I was really happy to feel that he thought of me and maybe just that I needed some vitamin C or something, I don’t know.


ANDERSON: But he sent me these limes and I always wondered where that would be; he had gone an awful long way in Florida. It just seemed to me like a really bad idea. It reminded me of Miami and Fort Lauderdale and most of the places in Florida I don’t like. But the west coast is magic. Manatees, swamps, we had the greatest time canoeing through swamps, and old gas stations and guys in old silk floral-print faded shirts, [laughs] fishing guys and beautiful, beautiful birds.

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